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Negative pressure wound Therapy is a type of the advanced wound healing methods. The application of negative pressure to a wound will accelerate wound healing process. NPWT systems include a vacuum pump, drainage tubing, and a dressing set. The vacuum pump offers the kinetic energy to removal exudates of wound bed continuously through drainage tubing inside the dressing which is covered with a transparent film that prevents bacteria from reaching the wound and also seals the wound to maintain the vacuum.
The two most commonly used dressings are PU foam and PVA foam.
The PU foam is a kind of hydrophobic material that helps exudates removal.The inner porosity of Pu foam is around 400-600 microns, and the open- celled structure helps provide uniform distribution of Negative pressure at the wound bed. The inner porosity of PVA foam is around 200-400 micron. Compared with Pu Foam, the PVA foam is a less adherent material that will avoid secondary injury during Dressing Changing.